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After having founded several companies I am now focused on entrepreneurship, technology innovation & digital growth strategies.


Motivational and entertaining presentations to inspire your team, organization or community.


Intensive sessions with company management to identify and decide on new opportunities..


Development and implementation of funding and business strategies.

Konsolideringer kan redde en generation af vækstvirksomheder

Konsolidering er som regel ikke noget, der ligger i kortene for opstartsvirksomheder, men det kan den komme til nu. Sammenlægninger kan være den bedste livslinje for mange opstartsvirksomheder og investorer kan spille en vigtig rolle i den disciplin i en tid hvor investor ellers afventer krisens påvirkning på de små vækstparate virksomheder.

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Equity Driven Acceleration Strategy

Startups face a myriad of challenges for survival at the best of times. But given the global lockdown we all face right now, acceleration seems counter-intuitive — when in fact it’s essential for founders to get ahead now — so they can be the first in line to get funding.

When the risk of COVID-19 spreading subsides in a few months time, and investors get back to doing business, there will be fierce competition between startups for funding.

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Nordic Millennials' Work Expectations and How to Meet Them

Once upon a time, the best and brightest students graduated from their higher education programs and immediately secured steady jobs with established employers, where they stayed for life. Now, things are a little different. Millennials often prefer to either work at startups or jump ship after a year or few at a major company.

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How Twitter, Dropbox, Airbnb, MailChimp, and other tech companies run design meetings

It’s the designer’s nature to seek creative solutions for everyday problems, and most of us, at least in tech, can say that meetings are an every-dang-day problem. How are we supposed to do great work when our calendars don’t leave room for a bathroom break?

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